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Stephen F. Austin Class Colony Ship/Freighter

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Originally designed in response to Texas' need for a colony vessel, it was deemed too large and far too expensive. Rather than throwing away the funds paid to design this vessel, AusCo redesigned many aspects of the Stephen F. Austin and made it a showcase for its advanced synthetic hull materials.

The ship is designed to carry 6 Liberty Class landers and several hundred special cargo containers. The first containers designed were hibernation modules that massed 25 tons and carried 14 colonists in hibernation. Several other types of modules have since been designed by AusCo.

The original ship statistics are listed below, with the changes made to the later two ships in the class.

These ships are mainly found plying the space lanes of the Chinese Arm as well as occasionally in the Core Systems.

Crew: Bridge 18


Engineering 73

Medical 10

Ships Vehicles 6

Warp Efficiency: 1.89 (1.70 loaded)

Powerplant: 100 MW Fission

Fuel: NA

Range 7.7

Mass: 41,754 tons (includes ships vehicles)

Cargo Capacity: 372387.5 m3

Comfort: 0

Total Life Support: 120 for 6 months

Price: Unknown, AusCo has kept price information restricted.


Martin De Leon

Green DeWitt

These two sister ships are almost a class unto themselves. Built later, they included a second Fission Reactor and larger Stutterwarp drive, but lack landers or a hanger bay.



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