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Javelina Fighter

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In order to meet Texas' need for a new front-line fighter and AusCo's need for a fighter to counter piracy along their trade routes in the Chinese Arm, AusCo Aerospace has developed the AFA-1 Javelina multipurpose fighter.

The Javelina is a small, two man fighter built of the most advanced composite materials manufactured by AusCo's Composite materials lab.

This fighter is streamlined, but lacks the internal fuel necessary to ferry itself to orbit from a world's surface. It carries 2.55 tons of fuel that can be used for a low powered glide landing or for an extended mission profile. AusCo is currently developing a strap on solid rocket booster that would allow the Javelina to be based on a world's surface.

Currently the Javelina is armed with one French LL2 submunition dispenser along its dorsal surface and carries up to 4 SIM 14 missiles attached to underwing pylons. Standard configuration calls only 2 SIM 14 missiles, but AusCo stresses the point that further armament can be mounted.

The two man crew is aided by an advanced targeting computer (+2) in order to maximize the effectiveness of this craft

Crew: 2

Warp Efficiency: 4.20 (loaded) 4.43 unloaded

Powerplant: 1 Megawatt MHD Turbine

Fuel: 9.75 tons

Range: 12 Hours Duration (+2 additional hours if needed)

Mass: 72.25 tons loaded (2xSIM 14 missiles)

Cargo Capacity: NA

Comfort: 0

Total Life Support: 12-15 hours

Weapons: 2x SIM 14 missiles, LL-2 Submunition dispenser

Price: Lv 20,139,122 (does not include SIM 14 missiles)



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