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Raven Class Spaceplane

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The AusCo SP-12 represents the newest generation of space planes. Designed to carry passengers from planetary surface to orbit in a minimum amount of time, the SP-1 is also luxurious. From surface to orbit takes just at 6 minutes, but the SP-1 is desgined with a 6 hour duration in case of emergency.

Despite being a new design, it has become quiet popular in the core systems and along the Chinese Arm where AusCo operates as well as sales these vehicles.

Due to a request by the Texas government, the modification of the SP-12 for a troop lander is under consideration.

The plane has a crew of 3 and has the capacity to carry 48 passengers.

Crew: Bridge 3

Sensors: Navigation Radar

Powerplant: .5 MW MHD Turbine

Fuel: 8.58 tons

Range: 6 Hours

Mass: 60 Tons

Cargo Capacity: 248. 68 m3

Comfort: 0

Total Life Support: 51 for 6 hours

Price: Lv 820,000



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