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Neurotronics are microchip implants wired directly into the brain. The chips listed below act as an extension of the brain, giving users the advantages and disadvantages imposed by the chip. Optionally, the chips may be external and removable, which requires a Neural Interface Plug on the side of you head, usually near the temple or behind the ear. Such quick-chip neurotronics can be easily removed or added.

Chips wired directly into the brain do not require you to have some sort of basic CPU processor to 'interpret' the data. It is assumed that neuro-cyber technology is refined enough that the neuro-electrical connections are compatible with your brain and nervous system, operating with their own independent signal interpreter.

Psychiatric Implants

Cost: Lv 3000-Lv 10,000

This implanted chip can add or remove a single psychological complication, personality trait, or  compulsive behavior. However, each chip gives a -1 to INT.


Meta-REM Chip

Cost: Lv 15,000

You need very little sleep because your EEG is regulated to make up for the loss. You only need about six hours of sleep each week. On the down side, you are a Light Sleeper.


Pain Buffer Chip

Cost: Lv3,000

Probably the single most popular chip around. The body's pain sensors are numbed, so the user does not feel as much pain and shock when he or she takes damage.


Arithmetic Logic Unit

Cost: Lv6,000

Popular with students and engineers. This is a chip that has an on-board clock and timer accurate to the pico second. You always know exactly what time it is.  It maybe used as an alarm clock or timer. This chip can also function as an advanced floating-point scientific calculator. It gives the user the Time Sense and Lightening Calculator Talent and can do almost all types of math, including graphs, advanced calculus, and matrices. With optic readout it can display equations and graphs.


To Implant a Neurotonic Chip. Difficult. Medical. 5 hours.


Serious Mishap results in the host’s body rejecting chip.


Cannot reattempt implant for 1-6 weeks.

To Implant Neural Interface: Difficult, Medical. 6 hours.


Serious Mishap indicates host body rejects implant and can cause nervous system damage at GM’s discretion.


To Insert Neurotronic or Neural interface chip into Neural Interface. Routine. Computer. Instant.

A mishap results in an improper chip insertion and system boot.

A serious mishap could damage the chip or socket and make both unusable.



Eidetic RAM

Cost: Lv3,000

This chip lets the user record what he or she sees and senses, effectively granting the Eidetic Memory Talent, but this device can only store up to a day’s worth of memories. 


Neural Operating System

Cost: Lv6,000

This amazing new chip is an operating system for the brain. Using 1 terabyte RAM, it lists all your memories and knowledge in an advanced file structure. When you want to remember something, the chip knows where it is stored in your brain and finds it. In effect this chip grants Eidetic Memory and gives a +1 INT. If the chip is destroyed or removed, you loss all memories and have total amnesia.

Skill Chips

Cost:Lv2,000 per level

A Skill Chip give the user a skill as long as it is installed. It gives +1 in the skill for every level, up to a max of three levels. This chip will override, not augment, an existing natural skill of the same type. You may have as many skill chips as equal to your INT. Many people have a bag full of skill chips and an external chip slot for quickly clipping in an clipping out the chips.



Data Chips

Cost: Lv1,000-3,000

Data Chips are ROMs that hold information. They are accessed as if they were a "on-line" manual or book, complete with indices and pages. It may take several seconds to locate a specific piece of data.  A few of the available chips are:

The Complete Works William Shakespeare

A modern law book

A world telephone directory

Encyclopedia Britannica


Emotion Chip

Cost: Lv3,000

An Emotion Chip gives you a constant emotional feeling. Any emotion is available, from bliss to anger, from love to fear, from excitement to hatred. Only one emotion can be accessed per chip, and you cannot have more than one turned on at a time. It may be activated at will. While chip is off you feel emotions normally.


Null-Emotion Chip

Cost: Lv3,000

Have too much Humanity? Want to be on the side of the Machine, or join the latest Cyber-Goth cult? This quickest, cheapest, best way to lose Humanity in a hurry A variation of the Emotion Chip, this device prevents any emotions from occurring at all. You are totally emotionless. On the positive side, you never react emotionally to any situation, keeping a calm, purely intellectual perspective at all times.


Empathy Chip

Cost: Lv5,000

This is a more advanced form of the Emotion Chip. The Empathy chip allows the you to select any emotional state, including none at all. If you are angry, you can select calmness. If you are sad, you can easily cheer up. This chip allows a user to negate any emotion he or she is currently having, replacing it with a new one whenever he or she wishes it. The effect is that you can never really be upset or hatefully angry, unless, of course, you want to. You are in full control of your emotions, which effectively gives you a +1 to PRE.


Memory Implant

Cost: Variable

These are chips that allow you to have an certain set of experiences (i.e., go on vacation somewhere). A 1 hour tour of Yosemite, for example would Lv 1000;

a day trip on a luxury cruse would cost Lv2000

A week as a secret agent on Mars would cost Lv 80000

vacation with your favorite vid stars costs Lv 10,000

The memory stays as long as the chip is in.You will recall the trip or vacation as if you had really been there.

Neural Interfaces

These neural interfaces are the command/control processes for translating data to neural commands, images, signals, and impulses. You must also buy one or more Neural Interface Plugs (see below), as well as the Interface chips or Neurotronics chips for the desired features.


Neural Interface Plug

Cost: Lv 5,000

You may have all the Interface or Neurotronics chips you want, but to use them you must have one or more interface plugs. This is the external socket where a neural device is connected, by wire or direct contact. Usually plugs are installed in the wrist, palm (for Smart-weapons), temple, behind the ear, but conceivably they could be placed anywhere. One plug can serve all the interface translation chips, but only one at a time. To use more than one interface at a time, you will need multiple plugs.


Wireless Interface

Cost: Lv 2000

Same as above, but this device is internal and completely wireless. There is no plug at all; the signals are sent by an IR or RF signal from an external jack/plug. Typically the external unit is worn on the belt, in a pocket, backpack etc.  There are several types of external units which utilize the wireless interface.

Basic Unit-this unit is supplied with the wireless interface. .25kg and holds one chip.

Multi Chip Unit-this unit holds 2-8 chips depending on the model and has a selector switch to allow one chip at a time to interact with the interface.   Cost: Lv2,000-8,000


MultiChannel Unit- This unit is holds 2-8 chips and can transmit on separate bands to multiple interfaces. Thus if a character has 4 interfaces and wishes to run 4 chips at once, this is the unit they would need. Cost: Lv 3,000-9,000


Neural Computer Interface Chip


This popular chip allows a human and computer to directly interface. A computer user basically becomes "one with the machine". The default effects are +2 to all computer skills.



Neural Vehicle Interface Chip

Cost: Lv5,000

This chip gives its user direct neural control of a vehicle. Any vehicle can be neurally controlled, including cars, jets, and battlesuits. By default, this grants a +2 to the skill (or skills) to control the vehicle. If weapons are an integrated component of the vehicle, such as with combat walkers, you have a +1 chance to hit when using these weapons.

The cost of making the vehicle neurally controllable

depends on the gameworld.


Neural Tech Interface Chip

Cost: Lv3,000

This chip gives its user direct control over heavy machinery, diagnostic equipment, scientific equipment, or any TECH related unit which has a compatible interface system. This direct control gives a +2 to operate that machine when linked.


Smart-Targeting Interface Chip

Cost:Lv1,000 per level

In order to use this chip, you must have a smart-link on the gun. The smart-link system on the gun acts as an active location tracking system, so you see via your eye a targeting cross-hair in front of you which tracks with where the gun is pointing. The gun must also have a smart-link interface, usually a Lv2,000 modification.



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