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Voice activation is too expensive, but you hate typing. No problem. The tablet, from Microtech, has a handwriting processor chip and screen receptor that allows you to write directly onto the screen. The same "stylus" (which can be replaced by any semi-pointed object if lost) that uses the screen can also be used to select menu choices, like a mouse. Can be connected to computers for upload/download of data or for handwrittend input. Holds 50 gigabytes worth of documents.  
Weight: 1.5 Kg  Price: Lv500



Interstellar Computer Enterprizes, or "ICE" as it's come to be known, is the premier supplier for computer equipment throughout the American Arm. Using the DarElex family of processors and BIOS chips, as well as plastics produced in Zion County, Ellis and metals mined on both King colonies, "ICEboxes," as they're affectionately known by satisfied consumers have become much a part of American and Australian colonial culture as Morningstar Wines, Mule-Apache tractors and Botany Bay paper.
Using standardized designs, "ICEboxes" are assembled at factories on each of the American Arm colony worlds save Kingsland, and a factory was recently opened at Kellyston, New Canberra, Tirane. Capable of using all ISO 13000-standard operating systems and datachips, ICEbox users appreciate the flexibility and ruggedness of the designs. Models assembled on King for Mayflower's and Huntsland's citizens have proven to be better able to withstand the extreme conditions of that world better than any other comparable locally-produced or imported model.(However, ICE does not recommend taking ICEboxes built elsewhere to King without the proper modifications. These modifications can be had at a reasonable cost from any authorized ICE service center.)

Parents and children both enjoy the eas of use and interoperability of their ICEboxes provided or supported by their respective school systems and the primary computers used int he home. In the American Arm, these home units are also likely to be ICEboxes. So, whether your child is remotely educated by the Darwin Library of Botany Bay, El-Ed's

MicroSchool Network on Ellis, or Kingsland's School of the Air, you can be assured that your childs ICEbox will become the most valuable tool they use. Indeed the ICEbox 9K is Darwin Library's standard issue computer, and the basis of El-Ed's MicroSchool Network's applicationstandards.

Purchasers of ICEboxes also have the option of upgrade subscription. Why throw away a perfectly good computer just because it's obsolete? Icebox upgrade subscribers need only take their computer to any ICE authorized service center for all appropriate upgrades to ensure their hardware remains compliant to the ISO standards applicable for that time. Also, during the upgrade a friendly ICEbox technician will assist you in determining your optimal software needs. ICE proudly offers software from Bonneville Software of Ellis, Ellis DataTech, and OutWorlds Software of Botany Bay.


9000GB data storage, 2GB standard DRAM, 128-bit 2GHZ processor with 128-bit data bus. Compatible with all ISO 13000 standard planetary networks, data chips, and software. This is the basic unit issued to Darwin Library clients for their children's education. Approved for use by "El-Ed," the Ellis State Department of Education
Weight: 1.5kg, Price: Lv525


12000GB data storage, 4GB standard DRAM, 128-bit 3GHZ with 128-bit data bus. Similar compatibilites of the 9K model above. Popular with students at Chandler and Ellis State Universities, as well as small business.
Weight: 1.5kg, Price: Lv600


15000GB data storage, 6GB standard DRAM, 128-bit 5GHZ processor with 128-bit data bus. Compatible with all ISO 13000 and forthcoming ISO 14000 standard networks, software, and data chips. Recommended for business and field use. Optional line of rugged duraplas cases for use in all breathable environments from -40 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, as well as rough handling as expected in those areas where technical support is hard to find.
Weight: 1.5kg with standard case,1.75kg with rugged case. Price: Lv750, Lv775 with rugged case

ICEScribe printer family:

Using old but reliable laser xerographic technology, the ICEScribe series printers can generate a minimum of 20 full-color or black & white sheets per minute, and can connect to any ICEbox computer using fiber optic or copper-strand cables with an ISO 13000 standard interface jack. Why wait for your computer to finish

Sending large documents to the printer? With the ICEScribe family of printers, starting with our basic 2300 model, each comes with a minimum of 200MB of buffer memory to store even the largest documents. So you can continue your work, as your ICEScribe printer generates crisp, clear TrueFont documents. Also, each ICEScribe printer has FAX receiving capability separate from any existing computer, using a hard-wired 2GB/sec. modem, compatible with all ISO 13000-compliant planetary data networks. You don't own an ICEbox? Drivers for any ISO 13000 standard operating systems are included with each printer.


ICEScribe 2300
200MB buffer memory, 20 sheets per minute, single paper tray, capacity 300 sheets. 2GB/sec fax modem. Black/white toner good for 10,000 sheets, color toner good for 5,000 sheets. Excellent for individual use.
Wt.: 5kg, Price: Lv150



ICEScribe 2450
300MB buffer memory, 20 sheets per minute, single paper tray, capacity 400 sheets. 2GB/sec fax modem. Uses toners above. For home networks, small businesses, and elementary classrooms.
Weight. 5kg, Price: 200lv



ICEScribe 2600
400MB buffer memory, 30 sheets per minute, dual paper trays, each with 400 sheet capacity. 2GB/sec fax modem. Black/white toner good for 15,000 sheets, color good for 7,500 sheets. Great for small business and work sections. The standard printer for the Botany Bay colonial government, used in all of it's offices.
Weight: 5.5kg, Price: Lv275

 Other Peripherals

ICEScan 6000 scanner
Converts any paper document or photograph into a digital file.
Wt. 2kg, price: 125lv




ICEScan portable imager
Capable of over 100 hours of full-motion 2D video or 60 hours of 3D holo images, able to transfer still 2D images to any standard printer, and can play edited or unedited stored video on any flatscreen or holovision system. Popular with journalists on the American Arm.
Wieght: 3kg, Price: Lv 250


As modems are integrated into all ICEbox computers, ICE does not offer a line of external modems.



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