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Population: 18 million

Literacy: 97%

Largest City: Kirovabad 3.5 million

Neighbors: Armenia/Iran/Georgia/TransCacaus Ukraine/Turkey

Azerbaijan 2302: The Leadership in Azerbaijan has done a superb job of developing the tiny region and maintaining independence over the last 300 years.

Internal Politics: Democratic Politics has been in vogue for 300 years and it's popularity is not waning. The free trade economy has made the business environment very lucrative for foreign investors as well as domestic companies.

The Economy: Through favorable trade agreements with their neighbors Azerbaijan has grown and developed. The GDP is #20 in the world. Exports of oil and minerals has paved the way for the development of Azerbaijan's industrial infrastructure. Though is not the valuable commodity it once was it still has it's practical applications in synthetic industries. Furthermore rich mineral deposits have allowed Azerbaijan to grow and become more than a oil producing nation.

The Population: All the citizens have benefited from stability. Unemployment is a low 6% education continues to be a priority with a great many citizens attending state funded institutions of higher learning. With a high GDP the population is generally well fed and taken care of. Low unemployment has also indicative of the overall good economic situation throughout the nation.

The Military: In order to maintain secure borders with Iran and Turkey Azerbaijan maintains a substantial (for their size) military force. Easily capable of withstanding any potential intrusion by Iran or Turkey. Though the Azerbaijan Army is small it is well equipped with the latest armaments from the CAR. The airforce and Caspian naval contingents are more than adequate to handle any unruly neighbor to the south.

External Politics: It is well known that the Azerbaijan nations has no love for Iran or Armenia.

Iran: Azerbaijan went to war with the Iranians in the early years after WWIII and won several engagements that allowed Azerbaijan to secure ancestral lands. Unfortunately the French intervened and inflicted the French Peace on everyone (including Azerbaijan), Azerbaijan was forced to withdrawal back to its original borders. Several clashes have occurred since the early years but no progress has been made to reclaim the Azerbaijan lands within the Iranian borders.

Armenia: There is constant pressure to reincorporate the Armenian lands. However the desire of Azerbaijan politicians too avoid any potential conflicts with Turkey has stopped this from happening thus far.

Georgia & The Ukraine: We love our peaceful neighbors to the north. Trade and further prosperity should continue for a long time.

CAR: They are our best trade partner and closest ally with a common enemy (Iran).




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