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Internal Politics: The King is dead and his son has assumed the throne. The transition has been a smooth one. Very peaceful as a matter of fact since the bloodline was direct and the country has been so well managed for generations now by the Nahil family. Since the Great Ethiopian Civil War has been controlled by the Nahil family and the rise of Ethiopia has been astonishing. The People love the ruling family because of 200 years of fair and just rule.

Economy: 12 RU in production, 12th largest national Budget 144 billion livre the Economy you would think the economy was booming. Turmoil is prevalent because if the break up of the EAEU (used to be the #6 economy on the planet prior to the break up). The projects (especially the Space program) now suffering from the reduction of funding from the other EAEU. Unemployment has risen to 12% the highest level since before the EAEU was founded. On the upside the economy is very strong still and the royal family was prepared for the Death of the EAEU and the 17 billion dollar discretionary fund should be helpful in remedying some of the economic hard times.

Population: 213 Million People 98% Literacy Rate 77% College Educated GDP ranking of 48th

As is the problem with all monarchies the military is large and the GDP is lower than it should be. Starvation is no longer a daily concern for Ethiopians and that has gone a long way to keeping the lands peaceful. The high literacy rate and the decent College graduation rate show a concerted effort by the monarchy to make sure all of the people are given an opportunity to succeed. Military service is mandatory but the 2 year service time is not considered terrible when the average life span is 83 years. Unemployment rate is high as a result of the failure of the East African Economic Union (EAEU).

Military: The largest military on the continent with the exception on Azania. A three hundred thousand man army with a sizable navy and aerospace contingent as well Ethiopia is prepared for any potential problems that might be caused by the break up of the EAEU. When the EAEU was in place the need for a large military presence was questionable but now that the EAEU has collapsed there are concerns that the border disputes that Ethiopia has with nearly all its neighbors will become an issue again. Especially with Somalia and Eritrea.

External Politics: Ethiopia has several immediate concerns. Securing agreements with bordering nations in order to guarantee peace. Attaining access to space as soon as possible. If at all possible reforming in some form or another the EAEU.

  1. UAR - neutral toward them minor border disputes over southern Sudan but nothing of note.
  2. Eritrea - Long running feud with this nation was ended when the EAEU was created. The EAEU breakdown may bring rise to increased antagonism between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia still holds a great deal of resentment toward Eritrea because of the 20 year civil war.
  3. Djibouti - This is a French territory and shall remain that way as long as France and Ethiopia remain peaceful. Ethiopia has long coveted the Djibouti lands and is still pretty upset with the French for intervening in the Ethiopian civil war and taking lands for themselves.
  4. Somalia - There has been a long running dispute between the Somalian Warlords and Ethiopian royal family but rarely has conflict occurred since the civil war. Most of the land that the Somalians took was desert waste.
  5. Kenya & Tanzania - Recent death of the EAEU because of the withdrawal from participation by both Kenya and Tanzania has caused a great strain in relations. It of course is no help that Ethiopia still controls part of what was Kenya before the great civil upheaval 200 years ago.




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