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Population: 24 Million

Literacy: 93%

Politics: Democracy

Internal Politics: Status quo rules. Yes this is a democracy but it is only this in a loose sense of the word. The rich run the country and everyone else lives with it. That may be about to change. A new leader has risen to power. Ahmed Hali is from the wealth upper classes and was educated in France. It seems that the aggressive politics of the early French expansionist seem to have intrigued Ahmed.

Population: Unemployment is high. People are uneasy and ready for a change. The literacy rate is below what should be acceptable.

Economy: Poor at best. Comparable to the other local economies though. The lack of minerals in West Africa as a whole has caused the whole region to remain underdeveloped.

Military: Poor but efficient when compared to everyone else in the area except for the French. The Moroccan military might be able to fend off a Spanish intrusion if necessary but expecting much more from them might be a stretch.

External Politics: The down turn of the French Empire has had a ripple effect throughout the region. Morocco was once the benefactor of some limited French assistance. Those days are gone. Morocco is on its own and must find food and mineral sources to perpetuate and grow.

  1. French Algeria & France : Once a benefactor of Morocco now merely a neighbor. Morocco has been more than happy to maintain peaceful relations. It keeps Spain and Cantalonia at bay.
  2. Polisaria: Morocco hate Polisaria and wants those lands back badly.
  3. Mauritania: Peaceful relations for centuries continue to be maintained. There is no real dispute between Morocco and Mauritania.




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