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Formed after independence, the Texas Intelligence Agency (TIA) is tasked with gathering and analyzing intelligence that is vital to the security of the Republic. This makes the TIA responsible for foreign and domestic counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, military intelligence, and any other intelligence needed to ensure the safety of the Republic of Texas. To simplify matters, the TIA is divided into three branches.

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Foreign Intelligence Office:

The FIO is used to gather intelligence outside of the Republic. Many methods are used to gather this intelligence. There are two sub-offices within the FIO to handle the gathering analyzing and of intelligence

Department of Human Resources

This Department of the FIO utilizes human resources to actively gather intelligence and carry out counterintelligence operations. All classic "spy" type activities are normally carried out by the DHR.

Department of Electronic Resources

This offices utilizes everything from spy satellites to laser listening devices to gather and analyze intelligence for the FIO. This office is also used to spread misinformation due to "electronic" leaks to the enemies of the Republic.

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The Domestic Intelligence Office

is responsible for conducting Counter-Terrorism and Counter Intelligence operations within the Boundaries of the Republic of Texas and its colonies. All means, electronic and human are used to carry out these jobs, and this office communicates efficiently with the FIO. Many times, subjects are tracked by the FIO and the surveillance is handed off to the DIO when the subject enters the Republic.

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Joint Intervention Office

This office is made up of several special operations strike teams. They are used by the FIO and TIA in many different roles. the DIO relies upon the JIO to provide anti-terrorist units in the event of a domestic hostage or terrorist situation. The FIO usually calls upon the JIO teams to carry out covert operations. Anything from a hostage rescue to assassination is possible, but the Republic would never officially sanction certain actions.

The JIO strike teams are usually ex-military members. Most special forces units dislike the JIO’s practice of actively recruiting from their ranks. The military commanders complain that these actions drain the military of their best special operations soldiers.

Many civilians have complained that the JIO is nothing more than a private army for Texas’ Intelligence Agencies.

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Texas Department of State

Office of Strategic Operations:

The Texas Department of State organized the Office of Strategic Operations (OSO) to aid the FIO in handling "human" resources. If the FIO has arranged for a defection of a high ranking official or scientist, the OSO will have diplomatic credentials and a passport ready within hours. The newly created "Texas Diplomat" is free from prosecution and can leave the country as quickly as possible. This has lead to the OSO being criticized by many governments as violating the spirit of diplomatic immunity.

The Department of State has kept the OSO separate from the TIA in order to maintain its status as a diplomatic service. This quickly silences the accusations that the OSO is just a cover for TIA kidnappings.

The OSO is also well known for its maneuverings to block actions that might be detrimental to the interests of Texas. From stealing customs paperwork to filing bogus lawsuits in foreign courts, the OSO has a reputation of stretching the boundaries of the law without breaking it.



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