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Grafted Muscles
Cloned (or donated) muscles are grafted onto your limbs. These muscles are either cloned from your cells or taken from a muscle donor (which may or may not be legal). Once the muscles are grafted(and you have had time to recover), your STR will be at +1. You will need to recalculate all derived characteristics which use STR. Recovery is from 8-20 days.
Weight: -     Price: Lv 20,000  


Based upon stolen research and developed in secret by the LifeCell Corportation.  The Genie (Genetically Engineered Humans) Dnams were designed to alter existing humans into veritable "super soldiers."  The apparent defects in the DNAMs were improved with each generation.  The actual effects upon a fully grown human are unknown due to the fact that the Genie Dnams have only been tested on preadolescent children (Ages 9-11).   This has led to severe stability problems with the Genies.  The following are descriptions and statistics for each version of Genie. 
Weight: -             Price: Unknown




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