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. Computers

The research station was designed to have several independent computers to handle different portions of the station’s operation.


Main Computer

The main core is located in the lower level weapon test lab. This self-programming core is able to run all the station functions, but it was mainly designed as the main weapons control and testing computer. Since it is such a large and powerful processor, it was natural to build backup functions into this core. This main computer  is linked to the other the other computers located through out the station. It is possible and probably very desirable for the characters to find ways to cut this computer  off from all the other station computers.  By doing this they can isolate the other computers and deal with the threats they pose one at a time. The easiest way to isolate this computer is to find a wall conduit that contains the fibre optic link it uses to share data with the other computers. 


Environmental Computer

This subcore is located on the main level of the living complex. It can be accessed via the computer control center or by hacking via fibre optic lines in the walls of most hallways or rooms. This computer controls atmosphere, temperature, lights, and most other aspects of keeping the research lab livable. Once this computer begins its attempts to destroy the Players, it will alter environmental controls subtly at first. Perhaps too much carbon dioxide in the air to similar minor adjustments that would immobilize or kill players. Later, this computer  will take actions on a more drastic level; cut lights, heat, and possibly oxygen. One rather sneaky possibility is to raise the oxygen content of the station’s atmosphere so that any weapons discharged against robots would cause flash fires. The possibilities are endless. So, in order to survive, the players must isolate this computer and purge it of virus’ and destructive programs. See sidebar for task details.


Reactor Computer

This subcore is located in the main reactor control room. Almost as important as the environmental core, the reactor computer monitors and controls power output of the fusion reactor. While this computer will not  force the reactor core to overload or go critical, it may turn off power, trapping players in the station, or fake an overload in the reactor to distract the players from the  subtle environmental manipulations of the environmental comptuer.. The possibilities are endless.

Transportation Computer

This subcore is located in the Security office near the entrance to the main level of the living quarters. This computer handles lifts, doors, hatches, and station communication systems. The perils of having this computer offline or controlled by rogue programs are very interesting. It is hard to move when the lifts or hatches refuse to unlock.

Construction/Maintenance computer

This core is located in the deep lab section 2. This computer is tasked with running the robots that align, construct, and maintain the experimental weapons as well as maintaining other parts of the station. Shutting down   to this computer will allow the players to isolate and control the robots. Most or all of the robots will already have instructions on how to deal with the players, but gaining control of this system will allow the players to breathe a little easier when it comes to sneak attacks. Or, even reprogramming robots to attack the central core.

Computer Notes

While the players will eventually discover how they need to go about cutting off the various cores the easiest way is directly. The sidebars show the tasks for cutting off a computer


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