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Main Office:



Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Bombay, Cairo, Chicago, Dallas, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Leningrad, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Munich, New York, Osaka, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Washington.


345 billion Euro


Kendra Addison-Stange Carlisle, CEO


Phillip Leyland Foundation, holding 4.5%; Borg-Skye Consortium, holding 3.2%

Total Employees:


Corporate Overview -

Leyland-Carlisle won the long-fought contract battles for reforestation of the South American rain forests and now controls much of the Amazon river basin, via its conservation contracts.. Many acres are slowly being returned to their natural state and have been a considerable aid to stabilizing global weather. Of course, L-C did not do this out of selfless generosity; the rain forest provides a vast supply of unique chemicals necessary for the production of many pharmaceuticals. These rare substances cannot be synthesized. L-C is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.



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