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The Texan outpost on Heidelsheimat (Rho Eridani) was originally planned to act as a stopover and refueling base for ships headed to Austin’s World. This outpost was named Columbia and an extensive downport was built to ferry fuel and cargo to and from orbit.

The eventual discovery of Eber ruins south of Columbia led to the establish of the small settlement of Caddo.

In 2258 the outpost was upgraded to colony status and Texas took steps to make the new colony of Fredonia a viable part of Texas’ colonial effort.

The influx of colonists led to the development of a large agricultural and manufacturing industry in the colony.

In 2300, the colony’s population has risen to nearly 750,000 people. This population is split between the capital of Colombia, the university city of Caddo, and the orbital catapult and airbase complex of Los Ades.



The economy of Fredonia revolves around a few major industries. Following Bavarian examples, Fredonia has created an agriculture industry that produces a sizable surplus, which is exported off world. Despite limited contact with the Bavarian colony, Fredonia has successfully created several light industries that serve the needs of miners in the nearby (Insert ) system. Psuits, life support units, light mining equipment are manufactured in Fredonia and shipped off world. Another industry that has grown as more worlds are settled along the Chinese arm of space, is the Columbia Downport. While visiting space crews often dock at one of the Bavarian orbital facilities, it is the nightlife of Colombia that attract their money. Everything from bars, casinos, full service hotels, and other less desirable businesses flourish in Fredonia’s capital.



Due to the difficulties of operating jet engines on Heidelsheimat, most air travel is by prop driven aircraft or Zepplin. Texas has promised to build a subterranean maglev link between Columbia and Caddo, but that project is still several years from completion. For now the existing road system is utilized for ground travel.

For travel between the colonies on Heidelsheimat, most travelers utilize the many interface facilities. It is much quicker to travel from Columbia to orbit , then back down to either of the other two colonies than depending on the slower moving aircraft. Though in recent years, large passenger zepplins and cruise ships have began exploit the luxury travel market on Heidelsheimat.



Fredonia is officially a department of the Republic of Texas. It elects a governor and lieutenant governor every 4 years, as well as a departmental congress and supreme court. Fredonia also elects senators and representatives who travel to Austin (Sol) and represent Fredonia in the National legislature. While the governor of Fredonia is allowed a great deal of independence in the running of the colony, Texas still has final say on any policies concerning Fredonia.

In most instances the colony runs itself with out much interference from Austin. In recent years though, Fredonia has seen the home government take direct control of the relations with the Bavarian colony. Texas feels that a steady hand is necessary to ally any fears the Bavarians may have of forced unification with Germany or interference of Texas in its internal politics.


Fredonia is divided into 5 counties, each with its own sheriff and from 15-35 deputy sheriffs. Within the city limits of Columbia and Caddo, most travelers may encounter city police who handle the task of law enforcement.

The Texas Rangers maintain a field office in Columbia. Stationed here is Company 2A of the Texas Rangers. This Company consists of a Ranger Captain and 6 privates.



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