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The second generic hull designed by AusCo Aerospace  called for a surface to orbit   capable vessel.  Relying on its expertise in building interface craft, AusCo devloped the GHD-2.   A small ship which can carry up to 16 passengers or small cargos,  the GHD-2 provides small companies the ability  to operate from surface to surface without expensive interface costs.  Two ships comprise this class so far.


The AusCo Albatross is the cargo  version of the GHD-2.  Carrying a crew of 13, the Albatross has a 4 week duration which  gives it excellent range.




The AusCo Condor utilizes most of its space to carry up to 16 passengers in relative comfort, despite having no spin habitat.  The 4 week range allows the Condor a range which has seen it take over routes usually reserved for the French built   "Thorez".
Crew: Bridge 8

Engineering 3

Medical: 1

Stewards: 2

Ship's Security: 2

Sensors:  Navigation Radar

Warp Efficiency: 1.75   with no cargo

Powerplant: 2 MW MHD (2 MW Old Military Stutterwarp)

Fuel: 748 tons (plus 264  tons for a single trip to and from  a planetary surface.)

Range 7.7

Mass: 1543 tons (no  cargo)

Cargo Capacity: 1991 Cubic meters

Comfort: +1

Total Life Support: 29 for 28 days

Cost: Lv17.75 million

Artwork and Original Graphics by Jesse DeGraff      

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