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Interstellar Computer Enterprizes, or "ICE" as it's come to be known, is the premier supplier for computer equipment throughout the American Arm. Using the DarElex family of processors and BIOS chips, as well as plastics produced in Zion County, Ellis and metals mined on both King colonies, "ICEboxes," as they're affectionately known by satisfied consumers have become much a part of American and Australian colonial culture as Morningstar Wines, Mule-Apache tractors and Botany Bay paper.


Voice activation is too expensive, but you hate typing. No problem. The tablet, from Microtech, has a handwriting processor chip and screen receptor that allows you to write directly onto the screen. The same "stylus" (which can be replaced by any semi-pointed object if lost) that uses the screen can also be used to select menu choices, like a mouse. Can be connected to computers for upload/download of data or for handwrittend input. Holds 50 gigabytes worth of documents.  
Weight: 1.5 Kg  Price: Lv500


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