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Links to 2300 AD Sites on the Web

82 Eridani IV Campaign
82 Eridani IV campaign, the Natural History of Kormoran, Ylii in 2300AD, a Brief Tour of Known Space, and Exobiology in 2300AD.

2300AD : Joi Sourcebook
A site for players and referees of the GDW Role Playing Game 2300AD. Contains information on the Netherlands and New Zealand for both general use and the Great Game 2. Also includes the beginnings of the Joi Sourcebook, a web based resource detailing the planet Joi (and its five colonies)

SverreS 2300AD
A site containing supporting materials for the 2300AD roleplaying game. It also contains the Scandinavian Union site which is a cooperative effort of many mailing list members

Australia 2300AD
A Guide to the Commonwealth of Australia in the 24th century.

NewSource 2300
NewSource 2300 is a news site for 2300 AD. Plot hooks, news stories etc can be found here. Updated monthly, with back issues in the archive.

Jeff Abbott's 2300:AD Site
Home of the Indonesia Great Game II site, plus some ship designs

Trading articles, photos and stats of merchant starships used by freetraders in the 2300AD RPG.

Greg's Grand Game II Page
Homepage for the countries of Mexico, Eritrea, Armenia and Punjab for the Grand Game II.

The GDW historical site detailing GDW's efforts to publish 2300 AD.

2300: The New Era
A small 2300AD RPG page focusing on converting the 2300AD game system into the Traveller: The New Era system.

Little Green Mens Homepage
The main 2300AD section contains material about Britain in 2300AD, Various Space Navies and a PBEM Game

Andy's 2300 site
A harder science resource for 2300.

Le Monde Sans Joie : A 2300AD Sourcepage
Conversions from 2300AD to GURPS. A whole new world to wreck.

One Man's Views of _2300 AD_ Slow Mirror & Adjunct
A slow mirror-site to One Man's Views, which also contains work by other authors.

The Deckers' DataMine
Cyberdecking in 2300 AD.

Foxx Industries - A 2300AD Megacorporation
Foxx Industries is a megacorporation set in the 2300AD RPG universe. Information about the subsiduary companies and divisions of the corporation are presented, including the following: Independent Military Services (IMS) - the corporate military arm; the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) and their 'Ships of the Arms' database listing; and the Interstellar Trade Division.

20th Century & Future Wargame Resources  
The site concentrates on the military aspects of 2300AD, with new sets of rules for space (Sol Cruiser, Star Cruiser Lite) and land (OGCS, Dirtside:2300) combat, as well as on background material on Russia in 2300AD.

2300 AD Collective
This site contains resources for referees of 2300 AD. Information on Texas in 2300, AusCo the Texan MegaCorp, Deckplans and ship statistics for colony ships/survey ships etc. There are pages dealing with converting 2300 AD to the Hero Game System. Also Hosting Matthew Pook's 2300 Gurps page. Information for 2300 AD pbem is now on the site

Defunct Aurore Campaign
A site that started to detail a 2300AD campaign that folded when key players were drafted by the beloved army. Has some equipment lists, weapon lists.

Pentapod's World of 2300AD
KevinC's unofficial 2300AD RPG website: articles, software, and Best of the 2300AD Mailing List.

Andy Brick's 2300AD Pages
Features - * The Near Star List ][, a reworked version of the original Near Star List based on the latest stellar catalogues. * The 2300AD Technical Architecture, a design system for anything from a cyberdeck to the Tallyrand.

The AD2300 Mailing List Archive
The archive of the AD2300 mailing list.

Max Lambertini's WARP Home Page

Canada in 2300 AD


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