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The  "Princess of Tirane" is a state of the art cruise ship on Tirane.   For her most recent cruise, Trilon has sent a large number of company employess on vacation as a reward.  After a single day at sea, terrorists take control of the ship and start making demands.  It is apparent that they are well armed, extremely serious, and want their demands met. As local military and police forces scramble to find a solution, Trilon hires a group of trouble shooters to end the stand off.  The pay is great, the job is dangerous and the mission doesn't make any sense. Can you complete the impossible mission?


The "Princess of Tirane" was just 2 days out of the New Canberra colony on Tirane, when members of the radical group "October 12" siezed the cruise ship. Despite the vessel's huge size, it was only carrying a few passengers (Trilon   employees and their families) and an undersized crew.  The terrorists began making demands concerning Trilon's operations on Kie-Yuma and at least one passenger has been executed.   While local police and military units scramble to find a way to end this nightmare, Trilon has hired a group of trouble shooters to carry out a nearly impossible mission: board the "Princess of Tirane" and successfully rescue all of the terrorists.  Yes, Trilon has plans for the members of "October 12" and it is up to the players to get onboard the cruise vessel, overpower the terrorists, avoid the police and military strike forces and deliver them to a Trilon facility near the capital of New Canberra.   This should provide quite a headache, even for the most determined characters.  The members of "October 12" are well armed and have no intentions of going peacefully, wither with the players or the police.

Characters will be given a Lv3,000 equipment fund in order to purchase supplies, rent vehicles etc.   Time is off the essence.  The players must be warned that upon their hire, the Australian military is planning to assault the ship within 4 days.  

Pay will be  Lv3000 per terrorist brought out alive.


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