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I swore I would never do this, but now the cat is out of the bag.

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October 17, 2001

At last a major project is closer to being finished. The Oldtown map of the City of Columbia (Texan colony of Fredonina) is up along with informatin for PC's on how to get visas. Coming soon is a map key to important sites   in Oldtown and t he  map of the Entertainment District. 


July 5, 2001

Several items have finally been updated today.

The first is the addition of a short adventure, "Debt Collectors". The second is the Addition of a new section named "Patrons". This area will focus on NPC's and corporations that will add flavor to any campaign.  The third is the first installment of "Dance of the Quarks" adventure. This series of adventures should add up to a lot of new information on the  Ebers and their homeworld, Zeta 2 Reticuli.


February 15, 2001

The first update of the new year. L 347-14 has now been added to the survey of the Chinese Arm. Take a look in the cartography section.

A Links page has been added due to the demise of the webring.

GURPS: 2300 AD is now up as a pdf in the download section, a must see.

December 11, 2000

Probably the last update for this year !!! Dan's maps are all up now. Please enjoy.


December 5, 2000

Dan S. has given permission to post his colony maps, system maps, and colony list.


November 24, 2000

The new download page with 3 new pdf's is now up. Coming soon is the L347-14 system. The next part of the Chinese Arm Survey.


September 12, 2000

The first system in the Chinese Arm Survey is up.   Maps and details of the Sigma Draconis System.

August 26, 2000

Initial Survey information on Zeta 2 Reticuli System is posted. Planetary  map of Eber Homeworld is next.

July 24, 2000

A bit behind on updates, but I have just added Robert Montgomery's Manchurian Space Navy OrBat to the Sourcebook section. This is a must read for everyone. It even provides ship details for the Manchurian Space Navy.


March 12, 2000

Wow, almost 3 months, one Hard Drive and 2 mice later I managed to recover the site, update it a bit and get back online. Needless to say, I only have 3 other sites to recover now. Darn. Nothing really new yet. I do have some rules on ship construction times come, so look in the space dock later this week.


December 27, 1999

Probably the last update of the year :)   I have added Ben Levy's Quirky passenger table to the Cargoe's article and the first installment of the weapon and NPC cards for 2300 are up in their own section, look for the Cards page.


December 20, 1999

The final draft of the Colony Building Sourcebook is up!!!! Finished at last. You can now visit the Sourcebook section and read "Cargoes for 2300" adnn the finished product looks good.


December 19, 1999

Here is the rough draft of the Cargo's for 2300(removed). It can be previewed via this link. Please read and provide some feedback. Hopefully finished within a day or two, then it will go to its real home in the Sourcebooks Section.  First draft of New Bexar is up in the Sourcebook section also.

November 7, 1999

Okay, real life interfered for awhile. Now up is the new and hopefully easier to navigate 2300 Collective.  Included in this update is the history of the Tirane Cup and the first two starship entries. Please enjoy


June 20, 1999

The Rough Draft of the Colony Building Source book is up. Still a lot of work to be done, but it is getting there.


May 7, 1999

  Also added today was Ben Levy's   "Life Foundation Colony" for the Austin's World Source book.  Take a peek in the Source Book Section.


April 25, 1999

Added the GHD-2 to the AusCo Aerospace page. Check out the Deckplans for the Condor. The Albatross decplans are coming soon. Thanks to  Jesse DeGraff for allowing me to use his ideas here.  Also, the Gurps:2300 page has been updated to include  links to the  other sites that contain 2300 to Gurps conversions.


April 19, 1999

Construction Equipment part 2 finished as are P-suits, Anti-Tank Guns and Small Arms for the Equipment Guide 2. Check it out.

April 16, 1999

Computer equipment added to the EG2 as well as the first batch of new construction vehicles. I am getting the construction stuff done a little at a time.


April 13,  1999

Updated the floorplans for the Cabeza de Vaca Class ship.

April 6, 1999

Uploaded the new rules for pharmacueticals in the EG 2. Later this week I should have up the new computer equipment, part two of construction equipment, and finally, both adventures finished.


March 21, 1999

Big day. Updated the Fuzion section. Added new vehicles, weapons, and armor.  Also, uploaded partial versions of two adventures: Down Under Station and Mission Impossible.  Both are incomplete, but will be finished soon.


March 1, 1999

Finished the Construction Equipment Section of the Equipment Guide 2. A big thanks to Benjamin Levy. Great Work.

February 19, 1999

Started the Equipment Guide 2. Entered part of the Construction equipment. I hope to finish up soon and add the other contributions.

February 9, 1999

Reinserted  the  Mirc information on the introduction page. I plan to try and get into the chat room every evening for at least a minute.  Also added a link to Max's WARP program on the Resource page. 

February 5, 1999

PBEM section updated. Cast of Characters and NPC's posted.  Turn 1 also posted.

February 3, 199

Put the 2300 Hero skill list back up. It is still under construction.

Also added the 2300 Fuzion Skill list and part of the 2300 Fuzion Vehicle stats. Check out the Fuzion page.


January 17, 1999

Added two zipped files to the Resources page. They are different sized grids/graph paper .gifs for drawing floor plans and maps.

January 15, 1999

Finally, the Cabez De Vaca class survey ship deckplans are up. Look under AusCo-Aerospace-GHD#1.  Also up under the Probe section of AusCo Aerospace, the AP-5 probe and SD-1 Survey Drone.


January 1, 1999

The new and improved 2300 AD Collective is UP!!! The site has changed addresses and hopefully looks better than before.

December 28, 1998

Statistics for the Cabeza De Vaca Class Survey ship are up.


December 18, 1998

La Salle Station is Gone. It now has its own web site at:https://members.tripod.com/AD2300II/Main.htm


November 30, 1998

I bought a house today, but it doesn't affect the site.  Andy Goddard supplied new info for La Salle Station and it has been added to the La Salle Pages. Hopefully I will add the Station Authority Information soon.

November 27, 1998

La Salle Station pages have been updated with floorplans for the Spoke Sections and details on the transportation system.

November 7, 1998

The Texas Intelligence Agencies have been added under the Texas section. This includes operations by the Texas Dept. Of  State.

October 30, 1998

Today I added another challenge article "Italy in 2300"  Thank you very much to the author and to Matt Scull for finding him.

La Salle Station  was also updated.


October 28, 1998

Added the La Salle Station Guidelines. Just some basic stuff to aid in designing the La Salle Station project which will probably get its own web site.

October 18, 1998

Uploaded the exterior views of the GHD-1 Starship.  I am have nearly completed the stats and deckplans for the Cabeza De Vaca class survey ship, which uses the GHD-1 Hull. 

October 14, 1998

Joined the RPG Archive.  Great Source of RPG Links

October 7, 1998

Updated the equipment area. Added some Neuro Technology, BioTech, Portable Airlock, and Tablet.

October 2 ,1998

I have added several new MegaCorps in the Corporation Section.  These are just basics which will be updated to include colonial offices and more in the near future.

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