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NPC Dossiers

The following information on the five NPC crewmembers of the Cat's Feet is subject to modification at the discretion of the referee. However, the abilities of this group must always remain germane to the mission at hand.


Name: Helen Asweath

Position: Communications/Astrophysics Nationality: Australian Homeworld: King Gravity: High Frontier/Core: Frontier Looks and Gender: Plain Female Birthdate: June 6, 2270 Mass: 86 kg Eyesight: Excellent Hearing: Poor Body Type: Normal Throw Range: 32 m Coolness: 6 Encumbrance: 32 Native Language: English Other Languages: German Size: 12 Strength: 8 Dexterity: 8 Endurance: 5 Determination: 12 Intelligence: 14 Eloquence: 17 Education: 17 Consciousness: 4 Life Level: 8 Careers: Ship's Crew, Astronomer (Academic)

Skills: Computer-4, Information Gathering-3, Bureacracy-1, Ground Vehicle-1, Communications-3, Remote Pilot-2, Pilot-1, Ship's Drives-1, Melee-1, Survival-1, P-Suit-1, Sensors-2, Writing-1, Astronomy-6


Helen Asweath's life IS astronomy and astrophysics. Plagued by a body that never fully adapted to the rigors of King's awful gravity, and opportunistic childhood illnesses (one of which impaired her hearing significantly), Helen turned to intellectual pursuits at an early age. Her love of the stars and of new horizons of knowledge may have had some roots in subconscious escapism, but by the time she was 16, it was clear that she had a tremendous ability in astronomy and astrophysics. Guided by an almost spooky instinct that she simply shrugs off as `good guessing,' Helen has racked up an impressive list of first-finds and garnered a prestigious advisory position on the astronomy planning board that set the mission agenda for the Bayern. In the years since, she has made a nice living teaching, writing, and particularly speaking about the wonders of the heavens.

It came as no surprise to the AAEC when Helen notified them of her tentative discovery of BD -111 094307: if anyone was capalb eof finding brown dwarfs, it was she. But it was a huge surprise for Helen when the first response to her discovery was a visit from four very serious men from the AIA who politely but firmly insisted that she accompany them to `more secure living arrangements.' Alternating between shock and disgruntlement, Helen's grudging cooperation became whole-hearted and joyous when she learned several days later that the AIA and her government were both asking her to consent to being on the first exploratory team being sent to Back Door.

NPC Motivations: Hearts 9: Helen's unpopularity as a sickly, overweight child has made her very sensitive and empathic to the pain and difficulties of other people. She abhors (with uncharacteristic vehemence) cruelty and deceit, and can exhibit extraordinary personal courage when trying to defend others. Diamonds 3: Helen also has learned hard lessons about medical costs, owing to the chronic problems that developed during her earliest years on King. She is consequently an assiduous saver and keeps one eye on the `bottom line' at all times. 

Name: Morgan Lindstrom

Position: Helm (AIA Operative) Nationality: American Homeworld: Tirane Gravity: Normal Frontier/Core: Core Looks & Gender: Good looking male Birthdate: April 7, 2267 Mass: 89 kg Eyesight: exceptional Hearing: average Body Type: normal Throw Range: 96 m Coolness: 10 Encumbrance: 50 Native Language: English Other Languages: French Size: 13 Strength: 12 Dexterity: 14 Endurance: 14 Determination: 18 Intelligence: 13 Eloquence: 13 Education: 17 Consciousness: 4 Life Level: 8 Careers: AIA Field Agent, AIA Law Enforcement (with OFO)

Skills: Information Gathering-4, First Aid-2, Electronics-2, Computer-5, Forgery-1, Sidearm-5, Melee-2, Bureaucrat-1, Stealth-2, Ship's Drives-2, P-Suit -1, Interview-1, Ground Vehicle-2, Psychology-1, Hovercraft-1, Tracking-2, Survival-2

Special Equipment: 1 S & W ISP 106 with 6 loaded magazines of ammunition. See the DATA ANNEX at the end of the next episode for details.

Morgan's history reads almost too much like the All-American success story. Athletic, boyish good looks, excellent student, outgoing and affable. And of course, patriotic. Morgan has been with the American Intelligence Agency since he was 20 and while no longer bright eyed and ingenuous, he has retained his ideals and deep sense of concern for the fate of America and humanity as a whole.

Morgan was a natural choice for the Back Door mission and his familiarity with computers and drives qualified him for a spot at the helm --where he could keep an eye on the crew. He will have been fully briefed on the player-characters and NPC's, although his information does NOT mention that Franchot Dumaine is a Tricolor agent.


NPC Motivations: Spades Ace: Morgan's easy manner also makes him very easy to trust, particularly in combination with his common sense and unflappability in the face of a crisis. He will pointedly reinforce the player-characters' position as the mission's leaders, but when he has a suggestion to make, the NPC's will listen closely and generally agree (with the possible exception of Dumaine). Clubs 3: Morgan is not a violent man, but he has been in his share of firefights and is not afraid of another one. However, his `easy' relationship with violence also means that he will approach it rationally and not get into fights he doesn't have to get into. He will attempt to steer others away from violence until and unless it seems the only effective course of action.

Name: Franchot Dumaine

Position: 2nd Pilot/Xenosapien-tologist Nationality: French Homeworld: L-5 substation Gravity: Low Frontier/Core: Core Looks & Gender: Excellent looking male Birthdate: May 1, 2266 Mass: 92 kg Eyesight: Average Hearing: Average Body Type: Normal Throw Range: 112 m Coolness: 5 Encumbrance: 56 Native Language: French Other Languages: English Size: 14 Strength: 14 Dexterity: 13 Endurance: 11 Determination: 19 Intelligence: 9 Eloquence: 15 Education: 13 Consciousness: 4 Life Level: 9 Careers: Xenologist (Biologist), Field Agent (for Tricolor)


Skills: Computer-2, Information Gathering-4, Bureaucracy-1, Biology-6, Anthropology-2, Writing-1, Streetwise-1, Forgery-1, Sidearm-1, Melee-1, Stealth-1, Security systems-4, Pilot-2, Electronics-1


Franchot Dumaine is as one of IEX's best field experts in xenobiology and he has an impressive record in decoding the interplay between physiology and culture in the Sung, and most recently, the Kafers. However, Dumaine is also a secret ultranationalist who became an informer and field agent for Tricolor six years ago. Embittered by the way in which the bright successes of the Kafer War kept elduing France, Dumaine began to dabble in extremist politics. He attracted the attention of a Tricolor agent who slowly recruited the disheartened scientist into the ranks of this dangerously fanatic organization.

In many ways, Dumaine has been `ripe' for such a picking for some time. More a tireless worker than a brilliant mind, Franchot has spent the last 10 years resenting the unfailing tendency of the media limelight to prefer geniuses over dedicated, highly competent workers (such as himself). This mixture of envy and contempt began to erode many of Dumaine's better qualities. His dedication and precision began to turn into an almost neurotic fastidiousness, even as his ardent patriotism changed into a desire for `vengeance' upon other nations.

However, Dumaine still believes in what he is doing, and can be both charming and convincing. His extraordinary good looks and silver tongue often allow him to manipulate members of the opposite sex without their being aware of it. Dumaine knows that Morgan Lindstrom is with the AIA; Tricolor has activated the one mole it had in that Agency in order learn about the AIA's role in Operation Back Door. Similarly, Dumaine's appointment to the mission team was effected by Tricolor string-pulling.


NPC Motivations: Hearts 3: Dumaine is a fairly nice fellow, and his charm and (now intermittent) warmth are quite genuine. Spades Queen: Unfortunately, his amiability and helpfulness has been made completely subordinate to his duty as a Tricolor agent. He will do anything to accomplish his mission. There is an obvious conflict between his innate prosocial tendencies and this absolute ruthlessness. If under constant stress, the emotional fatigue caused by living with these conflicting drives may begin to show up as excessive or even hysterical behavior and sudden (perhaps dangerous) mood swings. Dumaine is the classic case of the guy who's `too tightly wrapped' for his own good.

ABOUT TRICOLOR: Tricolor is a secret organization of French ultranationalists. It is dedicated to ensuring that France rises to a true superpower status once again and retains absolute dominance over human affairs. Not surprisingly, Tricolor wants to make sure that Operation Back Door benefits France more than it does the nations of the Alderhorst Alliance (America, Australia, and Germany). A much more detailed background will be given on Tricolor in the final episode of this adventure. For this first part, the referee only needs to know that Tricolor is --thus far-- a completely unknown organization, and that its agents and directors are ruthless fanatics.

Name: Hannelore Spitzmacher

Position: Engineer Nationality: German Homeworld: Beta Canum Venaticorum Gravity: normal Frontier/Core: Frontier Looks & Gender: Good-looking female Birthdate: July 6, 2253 Mass: 78 kg Eyesight: Average Hearing: Excellent Body Type: Normal Throw Range: 80 m Coolness: 10 Encumbrance: 40 Native Language: Geman Other Languages: English Size: 10 Strength: 10 Dexterity: 12 Endurance: 8 Determination: 12 Intelligence: 11 Eloquence: 4 Education: 13 Consciousness: 4 Life Level: 8 Careers: Ground Military, Space Military

Skills: Streetwise-1, Swimming-1, Trader-1, Mechanic-3, Electronics-4, Computer-2, First Aid-1, Appraise Value-1, Combat Rifle-2, Heavy Weapons-1, Melee-2, Ground Vehicle-1, Demolitions-1, Survival-1, P-Suit-2, Hovercraft-1, Sidearm-1, Prospecting-1, Aircraft pilot-2, Ship's Drives-7, Communications-3, Gunner-1


`Hannah' Spitzmacher is a no-nonsense career military type who has seen combat in the Kafer conflict, and before that, in the War of German Reunification. However, after the Battle of Beowulf, she decided she had had enough of the military life --particularly when the pitiless vacuum of deep space was just on the other side of the thinly armored hulls that she called home. So she began the process of getting out.

The German command learned of Hannah's intentions, as well as her hope of making a living as a trader, along with her long-time friend and intimate, Carson Murrough.

Hannah's rather improbable hope became a reality when German officers guaranteed her 30% shares in a hull if, upon retiring, she undertook one voluntary mission as a specialist. That mission was Operation Back Door. Hannah snapped up the offer without a moment's delay.


NPC Motivations: Spade Queen: Hannah is as mulish as they come and right now, that means that she is absolutely dedicated to making sure that Operation Back Door succeeds. She wants her shares in a commercial starship, the mission is how she's going to get them, and THAT is THAT. No debate invited or tolerated. Spade 6: Hannah is not interested in leading, but if others won't or can't, she will take charge and give the orders. Indecisiveness is NOT one of her problems.

 Name: Carson Murrough

Position: Engineer Nationality: Australian Homeworld: Earth Gravity: normal Frontier/Core: Core Looks & Gender: Good looking male Birthdate: February 4, 2253 Mass: 80 kg Eyesight: Average Hearing: Average Body Type: Normal Throw Range: 80 m Coolness: 9 Encumbrance: 40 Native Language: English Other Languages: German Size: 10 Strength: 10 Dexterity: 13 Endurance: 9 Determination: 12 Intelligence: 12 Eloquence: 8 Education: 13 Consciousness: 4 Life Level: 8 Careers: Ground military, Space military

Skills: Swimming-1, Mechanic-3, Electronics-4, Computer-2, First Aid-2, Appraise Value-1, Combat Rifle-2, Heavy Weapons-1, Melee-3, Survival-1, P-Suit-2, Hovercraft-2, Sidearm-1, Prospecting-1, Aircraft pilot-2, Ship's Drives-7, Communications-3, Pilot-1, Remote-Pilot-1


Carson Murrough grew up on an outback robot farm with nothing but time and open space on his hands. And that's just how things stand with Carson today. Whereas his long-time companion Hannelore Spitzmacher is intensely goal-oriented and energetic, Carson is easygoing and relaxed.

Carson is a long-time Australian veteran who saw a small amount of action in the Kafer war. Upon hitting 50, he decided it was time to leave the service, unknowingly (?) prompting Hannah to think similar thoughts. He likes her idea of becoming part owners in a ship --although in all truth, he would have been just as happy raising sheep or fixing broken engines. However, as always, Carson is willing to follow Hannah's lead --particularly in light of the fact that he too has been offered 30% share in a hull.


NPC Motivations: Hearts 3: Carson is truly amiable and cooperative, but will not do anything that is contrary to his considerable conscience. Clubs 9: Carson also likes a little bit of excitement now and again, even though he won't actively seek it out. We was never one to turn down an offer to spar. Nor is he likely to try to talk a bully out of a confrontation; Carson will just smile and put the jerk's lights out.



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