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Sykes' Security

Main Office:
Offices: Gateway Station, La Salle Station, Austin, Libreville, Tanstaafl City.
Worth/Assests: Lv 30  million
CEO: Reginald Sykes (download pdf character sheet)
Share Holders: Reginald Sykes, holding 58%, Lazlo Duke, holding 15%
Total Employees: 521
Sykes'  Security started out as a small firm offering professional body guard services. Over the last 15 years it  has branched out into several other security related areas.  Personal protection teams are no longer the mainstay of this company's success, but still an integral part of its operations.  Sykes' Security is capable of creating and training corporate security forces, as well installing and maintaining electronic security systems. 

Through out the Sol and Tirane systems, Sykes'  holds a reputation for honesty and safety.  Only one client under Sykes' protection has met their end through foul play or assassination in the entire company history.



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