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"This PBEM is set against a background of Earth and its colonies 300 years after WWIII, The Twilight War.  In a world were nations still clash, civilization has crawled back to its prewar levels and beyond.  The world is dominated by the Third French Empire, which maintains a shaky peace among its jealous rivals.  Earth's 100 nations have colonies among the stars. First contact with aliens came long ago, and commerce with them is now common place.

Civilization has flowered to a point only dreamed of earlier, but worms are at the blossom's core.  One Alien race, the Kafers, is bent on eradicating humanity.  Anarchists labor to bring  Earth's rule crashing down.   Smugglers transport alien products to other worlds, thoughtless of ecological effects.  Pirates prey on merchant and colonization vessels. 

Much work remains to be done if humanity is to establish itself among the stars and explore deeper into the galaxy."

2300 AD

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