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Expansion to the standard  rules in 2300AD.

Each pharmaceutical comes in two variants, pills and liquid. The liquid being the more potent variation. The pill is ingested and absorbed through the stomach, this process is slow requiring 20 to 60 minutes to take effect. (d5+1) The liquid is injected directly into the bloodstream and takes effect immediately. Autoinjectors and derms have replaced the standard syringe. In autoinjectors the liquid vial is inserted, the dose selected, and then it is just point and inject. The derms is a single dose disposable capsule; it looks like a small suction cup, (holding the needle) with a small rubber balloon on one side. The use is simple, place the suction cup over a vein rich area of the recipient's body and activate the derm by pressing the rubber balloon. The derm is the easiest way to self-administer an injection.

All pharmaceuticals have some characteristics in common, this includes legality, level, availenility, price, activation, OD on dose, avoid OD task, OD effect, effect and duration. A simple explanation of these characteristics follows:

Name: This is the name of the pharmaceutical, followed by the type in a (). 

Legality: Pharmaceuticals is divided into three classes. Legal pharmaceuticals can be bought anywhere, except on the black market (unless it's a scam). Restricted pharmaceuticals can be bougt with a prescription from an authorized medic. Illegal pharmaceuticals are primarily traded in the black market

Level: This reprecents the difficulity in obtaining the pharmaceutical.  Legal pharmaceuticals are level 1 (or blue), restricted pharmaceuticals are level 2 or 3 (green/yellow) and illegal pharmaceuticals are level 3 to 5 (yellow/red/infrared). These levels could be used directly as task level for streetwise checks.

Available in: Some pharmaceuticals only come as pill and/or liquid.

Price: This is the number of doses and the price in livre for those.

Activation: All pharmaceuticals must pass an activation test, this is symbolic for the human body's ability to absorb or reject the pharmaceutical in question. For most substances this is easy, but some of the more exotic pharmaceuticals have higher risk of rejection.

Overdose in general: Unrestricted use of pharmaceutical s may lead to OverDose. The risk may be negligible, but it is possible to OD on all pharmaceuticals. OD is only possible with multiple doses in effect at the same time, but different pharmaceuticals all counts. (I.e. two doses of painkiller and a single dose of Herc counts as three doses) When a PC/NPC ingests/injects a new pharmaceutical dose he/she must immediately check if any of the pharmaceuticals reaches 'OD on dose' and if they do, perform an 'OD task' for that pharmaceutical. Note that all tasks to avoid an OD are hazardous, and that 3d6 are used in the failure table. If a mishap occurs the severity of the mishap defines how many of the OD effects that happens. (I.e. if the above example injects another dose of painkillers or any other pharmaceutical, he/she should immediately test if the number of doses (four) are larger then all the previous pharmaceuticals in his/her system. If they are, then perform the OD task for all pharmaceuticals
OD on dose: This is the number of doses a person can use without risk. To exceed this number is very hazardous, and possibly leathal.

OD task: This is the task a person must succed to avoid an OD, when 'ON on dose' is ignored. The OD task level is specified under the pharmaceutical. The person's endurance modifier is negatively adjusted by any excess doses. The timeframe is unknown and defined by the GM.
TASK (To avoid OD, OD task, Endurance - (any excess doses), Unknown) Hazardous

OD effect: The effects of an OD are varied, but all are divided into levels that are written in a commaseperated line. Of cource light effects are listed first.

Effect: This is a short description of the pharmaceutical and the effect of it.

Duration: This is the normal or medium duration of the pharmaceutical, followed by a simple way to calculate the duration.

A simple painkiller would look like this:

Name Painkiller (Stimulant)
Legality Legal
Level 1 (Blue)
Available in Pill
Price 100/10Lv
Activate Simple
OD on dose thenth dose
OD task level Simple
OD effect vomiting, light liver damage, light kidney damage, liver damage
Effect Relives small pains and aches
Duration 1d10 hours

Name: Bounce (Stimulant)
Legality: Legal
Level: 2 (Blue)
Available in: Pills

Price: 10/40Lv
Activate: Simple
OD on dose: Second dose
OD task level: Rutine
OD effect: Paralysis (Duration), Paralysis (Duration*4)
Effect: Bounce is a pharmaceutical used primarily by people operating in zero-G environments. It lessens the negative effect persons experience, on dexterity, in lower gravity. Each level of gravity is treated as if it were one higher. Multible doses can be taken, at once to increace the gravity level to two higher, or continually to increace the duration.

Duration: 10 hours (3d6 hours)

Name: Herc (Booster)
Legality: Legal
Level: 1 (Blue)
Available in: Pills

Price: 10/100Lv
Activate: Simple
OD on dose: Third dose
OD task level: Difficult
OD effect: Muscle Spasm, Muscle damage (LW), Fractures (LW)

Effect: Herc is a muscle booster, which works like a very fast and controllable version of steroids. Each dose increases a persons strenght by five for the duration of the pharmaceutical. After Herc wears off the person is exhausted and must rest for an amount of time equal to the duration. If resting is ignored the person suffers the same effect as an overdose.

Duration: 7 hours (2d6 hours)

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