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Maxwell LMG-2303


After the Battle of Armstrong's Mountain (Kimanjano), the Texas military saw the need for a fairly light weight squad assault weapon. The weapon which eventually won the contract was designed by the Maxwell Firearms Division of AusCo.

The Maxwell Light Machine Gun 2303 utilizes proven technology to produce a squad assault weapon that is light weight and effective. It fires a 4.9mm caseless round and the buttstock area holds a 300 round clip. The clips are quick and easy to change, plus the caseless ammunition eliminates jammed rounds. The design incorporates an integral folding bipod, which when folded under the barrel creates a foregrip area for firing while on the move. It has proven itself as an excellent weapon during trials with the Elite Texas Rifles.


Type: 4.9mm Light Machine Gun

Country: Texas

Weight (Empty): 7.0 kg (1.3 kg full ammo drum)

Length: 90 cm (Bulk = 3)

Action: Single shot or bursts

Ammunition: 4.7mm caseless ball

Muzzle Velocity: 1000 mps

Magazine: 300 rounds

ROF: 4

Aimed Fire Range: 600 m

Area Fire Burst: 10 rounds (AFV = 0.5)

Area Fire Range: 400 m

DP Value: 0.5

Price: Lv600 (Lv15 for 300 round disposable magazine)




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