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Welcome to the Source Book section. Material can be found here to add to any 2300 campaign. 


Manchurian Space Navy

This is an excellent article by Robert Montgomery. It covers Manchurian Space doctrine as well as providing stastics and descriptions of several major warships. This is a must see.

The Y'lli

This is the Challenge article written by Chuck Gannon.  It covers the Y'lli in more detail than the Kafer Source book and is and excellent resource.

Italy: 2300

Another excellent Challenge article to help fill in the background of 2300. Written by   Dr. Mark Galeotti, this article covers the recovery of Italy after the twilight war and contributions the nation has given to the universe of 2300.  

Texas in 2300

Need to know more about Texas?  This area covers everything from Texan politics in 2300 to the history of the Texas Rangers.  There is even information on the structure and background of the Elite Texas Rifles.  Everything   you wanted to know and more about Texas in 2300.

Colony Building

This is guide/architecture for building/calculating building costs for startup colonies.  As of 12-20-99 this is finished, or at least Version 1.0 is complete.

Austin's World

  • New Bexar - Texas
  • Life Foundation by Ben Levy
  • Incan Colony


  • Bavarian Colony
  • Fredonia - Texas
  • Incan Colony

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What started out as a test of military ship's and their ability to respond to crisis on Man Kind's first interstellar colony has now grown into a full fledged sporting event.  View the history of the Tirane's Cup and the most recent entries into this historic race

Free Traders and Cargo in 2300

While there has been some debate on the feasibility of private ship owners, I went ahead and assembled an article to allow GM's to generate cargos, passengers, and cargo prices for ship owners. LONG, but well worth it. A downloadable version coming soon.

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