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Light Duty Pressure Suit
This is the Pressure Suit prefered by starship crews. It is light wieght, flexible and perfect for wear in side of a starship.  It includes a special air cartridge that supplies air for 30  minutes.  A standard life support unit can be used to extend the operation of this suit. It protects against temperatures +50 C to -40 C.
Weight: 10kg (plus lifesupport Unit)        Armor:.2   Initiative:-1     Price: Lv 1500



General Purpose Pressure Suit
This standard issue P-suit is unwieldy and uncomfortable if not custom fit.  This is the standard suit used for EVA and other activities involving activities outside of a starship or other structure.  The General Purpose P-Suit protects against temperatrues from +100 C to -110 C.  It requires a life support unit for power and oxygen.
Weight: 20kg (plus lifesupport Unit)        Armor: .5   Initiative:-2     Price: Lv 2500



Hostile Environment Pressure Suit
This is a heavy duty Pressure suit designed for operation in hostile atmospheres.  It provides personal protection  against temperatures +200 C to -180 C. Very bulky and usually hard molded, these suits have extra heavy shielding around the joints.   It requires a life support unit for power and oxygen.
Weight: 25kg (plus lifesupport Unit)        Armor: .7  Initiative:-3     Price: Lv 3500

Portable Life Support Units
A portable life support unit is necessary with a P-suit.  The life support unit supplies the suit with its power and air supply.  The unit is in backpack form which plugs into all standard P-suit designs and operates from the suit's standard controls. They come in various sizes and durations and all units can be recharged within 24 hours.
PLSU-1 -Weight: 7kg, Duration: 4 hours, Price: Lv 1000
PLSU-2 -Weight: 15kg, Duration: 24   hours, Price: Lv 2000
PLSU-3 -Weight: 29kg, Duration: 48 hours, Price: Lv 3000  This unit also includes a thruster unit for EVA activities. It has a 60 second burn limit.



SD- 1  Survey Drone

The SD-1 is the latest generation of recoverable survey Drones.   The
drone itself is a plain cylinder 9.2  meters long with a 3 meter
diameter.  One end of the drone has a series of connectors where the
AP-5 probes are attached.  The SD-1 is designed to enter planetary
orbit, release an AP-5 probe and monitor its descent into the target
planet’s atmosphere.  Data sent by the AP-5 is recorded by the SD-1 and
is also relayed back toward the monitoring survey ship in case of a
systems failure on the SD-1.

Warp Efficiency:      
Power Plant: 3 MW MHD Turbine
Fuel: 27 tons
Mass 106 tons unloaded (107 tons with 3 AP-1 probes attached)
Length :9.2 meters
Diameter: 3 meters
Price: Lv 4,000,000
Sensors: Navigational Radar




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