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  Texas Politics

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The Constitution of the Republic of Texas was adopted by delegates to the convention that declared independence from Mexico in 2099. The Constitution provided for a popularly elected president and vice-president who would serve four-year terms. Presidents were ineligible to succeed themselves.

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Texas First Party

The Texas First Party bases its party platform on the ideas of the first elected president of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston. Following Houston's lead, the Texas First Party believes that the key to Texas success as a nation is to limit government spending as well as government involvement in the economy. To further this goal, the presidents of this party have slashed budgets, down size the Texas Military, and reduced government oversight of the economy. Part of this party's strategy is based around close relations with America. The Texas First Party has done its best to ensure defense pacts, trade agreements, and technology transfer with its neighbor to the north. In recent years, this approach has been carried out through corporations rather than at the government level to placate Mexico and keep uneasy truce in place. Colonization and exploration have been a special target for the Texas First Party. They feel that a space program is an expensive luxury that wastes far too much money. Despite having three colonies and several survey vehicles, Texas First has introduced legislation several times to limit government funding for this program. It has used the huge costs of the program to topple several administrations . Overall, the Texas First Party wants Texas to succeed as an economic free zone between the United States and Mexico, without incurring the wrath of either nation.

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Grand Republic of Texas

The grand republic of Texas party was founded as a rather extremist movement after independence. Taking its ideas from the second president of Texas, Mirabeau Lamar, and Sam Houston's rival, this party set out to put Texas on its destined path to glory. Despite constant budget battles with the Texas First Party, the Grand Republic of Texas party has done its best to enlarge and modernize the Texas military. Rather than depend on America, the presidents of this party have pushed private companies to develop and field new weapons, as well as pushing the creation of corporate/mercenary units to act as a ready reserve for the standing military. The Grand Republic of Texas feels that Texas is a nation with a great future. It has tried to downplay Texas ties to America as well as taking an aggressive stance with Mexico. Part of this grand future is the expansion of Texas into space, since the practicality of expansion on Earth is very low. Despite budget restraints and some public out cry, the presidents of this party have thrown Texan resources behinds its colonization and exploration program. The most common tactic to further its goals for the country is to provide corporations with monetary support as they carry out national goals. The best example of this process is the Austin Colonization Company's extensive contracts to build, support, and maintain Texas colonies.



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