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Elite Texas Rifles

Ubi Libertas Habitat Ibi Nostra Patria Est! 

The Elite Texas Rifles has a long an illustrious history serving the Republic of Texas. Originally formed as a volunteer rifle company during the Texas Revolution, it quickly became hated and feared among Mexican Army Units. Never afraid to carry out its long range missions to harass the Mexican army behind its lines, the Elite Texas Rifles became a valued part of the new republic’s armed forces. By the end of the revolution, the Elite Texas Rifles had expanded to five companies of volunteers who specialized in raiding Mexican bases and listening posts across the Rio Grande.

Once absorbed by the Texas military in 2103, the Elite Texas Rifles were officially organized into six independent rifle companies. The officers and men were sent to Ranger school in America until the founding of Texas’ Light Infantry Training Center in 2140. During the early years of the Republic, the Elite Texas Rifles were constantly called upon to infiltrate across the Rio Grande and conduct ambush and harassment raids against the Mexican Army. These raids were usually in retaliation for similar Mexican actions, but by 2160 this type of border activity had all but disappeared.

When budget cuts and the curtailing of border raids nearly forced the reduction of the Elite Texas Rifles from six companies to two, the Republic scrambled to find a new use for these units. Following the American example of unit sharing with other nations, the Elite Texas Rifles became Texas’ military exchange unit.

To ensure a constant source of combat experienced officers and NCO’s the Independent Rifle companies of the Elite Texas Rifles were "loaned" to various nations. The first incident of this occurred during the Second Rio Plata War. Three rifle companies were deployed as part of the Brazilian forces and operated with a good deal of success. One company of the Elite Texas Rifles saw limited action in the Central Asian War, and now serves as part of the peace keeping force in the CAR.

During the War of German Reunification, the Republic of Texas recruited Texans of German descent in order to create a 7th independent Rifle company. This unit of German Texans served with the German states and earned a great deal of respect from its European counterparts. Once again, the Elite Rifle’s raiding skills terrorized the enemy. The 7th Independent Rifle Company specialized in convoy interception as well as deep raids behind French lines. By the end of the war, the 7th Independent rifle company had served with great distinction and had won the praise of German and French commanders.

The most recent terms of service for the Elite Texas Rifles has come off world, among the far flung colonies. The Kafer War has seen several of the independent rifle companies in direct confrontation with humanities newest foe. The Elite Texas Rifles have excelled at operating away from friendly bases and penetrating Kafer lines and disrupting communications, supply convoys, and troop movements.

No matter where the Elite Texas Rifles serve, they are always recognized by their distinct unit Insignia, a white patch with an azure five pointed star surrounded by the unit’s motto: "Ubi Libertas Habitat Ibi Nostra Patria Est !" (where liberty lives, there is our homeland)

Currently there are 5 independent rifle companies that make up the Elite Texas rifles, the most famous of which saw action on Kimanjano during the Kafer War. The first Independent rifle company held out under assault by two Kafer heavy tanks.


Elite Texas Rifles

1st independent Rifle Company


2nd Independent Rifle Company


3rd Independent Rifle Company

Austin’s World

4th Independent Rifle Company


5th Independent Rifle Company



 TO&E for Elite Texas Rifles

Squad - has 12 troops: a sergeant and communication specialist, plus two fire teams each with one LMG and four riflemen. When the unit is under strength the sergeant takes command of one of the fire teams and dispenses with the separate command structure.


Line Platoon - has three squads plus HQ section with Platoon Leader (Lieutenant , Platoon Sergeant,2 SatCom/RTO specialist, Medic and 2 riflemen.


Weapons Platoon – Same as Line Platoon, except squads are armed with LMG and Plasma Rifles


Company- has three line platoons, plus a weapons platoon and HQ section (Company Commander, Executive Officer, Company Clerk, SatCom specialist, Medic, and 2 Riflemen).


When necessary, the ETR are trained to operate from a variety of vehicles. Usually these are AusCo/Aerotech Vstol-14A Tilt Rotor aircraft, AH-6 "Wombat", and other similar aircraft.

The standard issue rifle as of January 1, 2303 is the M41A1 Gauss Rifle.

M-2290A2 is the standard Plasma rifle.






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