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Surface Garage.

Once arriving at the station the characters will park the ATV inside the garage, then take the elevator down. P-Suits must be worn.

Base Layout

The base is a huge area, located 100 meters below the surface of Hochbaden.

Most area’s are self explanatory, but a few merit extra discussion.

Thin black lines across passages represent computer controlled hatches. They can be manually locked and opened if power is cut. Any attempts at "hacking" the locks open will require the hatch controls on the left hand side of each hatch to be opened. They are controlled from the security subcore.

Thick black lines represent blast doors. They are computer controlled and can not be manually opened.

Robot storage areas contain 5 robots. The types can be determined from the descriptions in the robot section of this adventure. The numbers can also be adjusted by the referee.

Meson Gun Tube. This tube is dominated by the fragile meson gun assembly mounted in the center. The tube can be vented by opening the surface gun port. It is extremely difficult, but a character could climb to the surface or down to the deep lab via the meson gun tube.

Surface Lift Area – Once the lift reaches the base, the outer doors do not open. The elevator acts as a small airlock and takes 1 minute to cycle.

Living Area. This area is a three level complex designed to house the research staff. It contains two of the computer subcores.
Level 3 - This is the lowest level in the living complex. There is a swimming pool, exercise facilities, a large food preparation area, eating area, and private rooms here. The patio is open to the levels above and provides a relaxing area to rest.
Level 2- This level contains the main entrance to the living area, living quarters, Conference room, and 2 computer subcores.
Level 1 - This level is all living quarters. The laboratory’s directors suites are also here.

Room Layouts

Below are sample maps of the individual rooms in the living areas.

Fusion plant. Most of this area is a 200 MW fusion reactor. The only areas readily accessible to humans are the control room and the computer center. Both are rather small which are accessed via the reactor entry area/airlock.

When the team enters the base, the reactor is in an idle state. It should take several hours to safely power it up and get the environment systems online.

I recommend 1d6 hours to power the reactor and 4d10 hours to get the environment to a livable condition in the station.

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