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The Upper Deck of the ship holds several spaces vital to the ship.

  1. The bridge area.  Contains the necessary work stations.
  2. Tactical Center.  More work stations
  3. Medical Center.  Automeds and doctors  are found here.
  4. Cargo bay.  This large area is used to hold cargo modules.  The outline in the center of the bay indicates the location of the cargo doors in the roof of this level.   They may be opened to facilitate the loading or unloading of cargo.  The bay may be depressurized so that laboratory modules or probes can be launched while in space.
  5. Engineering Section.  This room is pressure tight, incase the cargo area is depressurized and contains the workstations necessary for monitoring the powerplant, stutterwarp, fuel cracking station, and spin machinery.
  6. Stutterwarp.
  7. Spin Machinery.

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