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Spin Modules

The most unique areas of the Cabeza De Vaca class ships are the twin spin modules.  While landing on a planet or during shift changes, the modules are despun and retracted against the main body of the ship.  Then access is possible from the ceiling hatches on the 3rd level.  Each Spin module is identical, unless specially modified prior to a mission.  In its standard form, the crew of 25 can almost fit in one module.  In most situations, the crew doubles up (2 per stateroom) in module while the officers have private quarters in the other module. 

  1. Stateroom. Contains fold down bunks, some storage space, and a computer terminal.

  2. Toilets.  There are separate areas on each module for men and women's toilet facilities.

  3. Showers.  This are contains shower stalls and sinks.  Separate areas for men and women in each module.

  4. Exercise Area.  This are is often used for various exercise routines.  Machines are built into the walls and fold away when the sections are not spinning.

  5. Kitchen.  Located here is a small amount of food storage, plus food preparation machines and tables.  More food is stored in the cargo areas.

  6. Airlock.  Holds a p-suit for every crew member in the section.   Used incase of an emergency to exit the spin modules.

  7. Common area.  This area is used for meetings, showing videos, and general carousing.  Tables fold into walls and floors when needed.

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