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Cabeza De Vaca Statistics

Crew: Bridge 8


Engineering 3

Medical 7 (includes Science Section)

Sensors:  Grav Scanner, Navigation Radar, Advanced Cartography, Life Sensors.

Warp Efficiency: 2.87   with no cargo

Powerplant: 25 MW MHD (25MW Old Military Stutterwarp)

Fuel: 3150 tons (includes 650 tons for a single trip to a planetary surface.)


Fuel processing plant which processes 4 tons of fuel per hour.

Range 7.7

Mass: 4384.8 tons (no  cargo)

Cargo Capacity: 4210 Cubic meters

Comfort: 0

Total Life Support: 50 for 360 days

Price: Unknown, AusCo has kept price information restricted.

Cabeza De Vaca Class Survey Ships

Cabeza De Vaca

Francisco Coronado

Louis de Moscoso

Alonzo de Pineda

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