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Basic Conversation


Fluent conversation


Completely fluent w/accent


Idiomatic, native accent


Imitate dialects


The languages connected by a thin box with rounded corners have 4 points/levels of similarity. This means that these languages are so similar that they overlap; for instance, a character who speaks German at the 4th level can effectively speak Yiddish at the 2nd level of expertise. A character with levels in one of the languages in a 4 point similarity group has half those levels in all other languages in that group up to a maximum level of 3.

The languages enclosed by a thick box with rounded corners have 3 levels/points of similarity; characters with 2 levels in any language in that group may make a roll to understand phrases in other languages in that group. Also, other languages in that group are cost to learn.

Languages enclosed by a thin box with square corners have 2 points/levels of similarity; characters may learn such languages at cost if they already speak one of the languages.

Languages enclosed by a thick box with square corners have 1 point/levels of similarity; there is no bonus to learn these languages.

CORRECTION: Persian and Arabic should be enclosed in a box with thick lines and rounded corners, not square corners.


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