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NPC Cards

Language Chart
This chart shows the relationships between languages and gives some guidelines for purchasing languages as skills. Straight from the Hero Rules system and easily used with 2300 AD.


This is a nice .pdf hex paper with a border. Small hexes and very nice.Th


This is a zipped gif file of a grid for drawing floorplans.  I finally made this after getting tired of trying to scan graph paper.   I think the squares are 1/4 inch? 


This is a zipped gif file of a smaller scale grid.   The squares are smaller than the above gif and useful for covering larger areas.  


This is a link to a wonderful program. It allows you to create star systems, generate stutterwarp routes between worlds, and is just darned impressive. Click on the title to get there.


NPC Cards
A wonderful tool that another web author has let me convert to 2300 AD. These documents are formated for notecard size. Holds all the info you need for any NPC. They are in Word Format.


Weapon Cards
These are great :) I have only done a few so far, but if you want more, let me know via email. These are notecards which have pictures and stats for weapons, in Word Format.


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