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The Sigma Draconis system was the first system surveyed by the Hamid Class survey vessel Alexandria.

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Orbit 0


Sigma Draconis I (World Type: Rockball)

Diameter: 1,300 miles
Mass: 0.003 Earth Masses
Surface Gravity: 0.101 G
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.05
Orbital Period: 0.199 standard years
Rotation Period: 0.833 standard days
Day Length: 0.833 standard days Axial Tilt: 39 degrees Average Surface Temperature: 472.401 K
Notes: Possibility that this small world is mineral rich.

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Sigma Draconis IA

SDIA is not an actual satellite, but a planetary ring system. sdia.gif (9088 bytes)


Orbit 1

Sigma Draconis II (World Type: Rockball)

Diameter: 900 miles
Mass: 0.001 Earth Masses
Surface Gravity: 0.066 G
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.05
Orbital Period: 1.098 standard years
Rotation Period: 0..875 standard days
Day Length: .0875 standard days Axial Tilt: 4 degrees Average Surface Temperature: 263.734 K

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Orbit 2

Asteroid Belt

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Orbit 3


Sigma Draconis III (World Type: Rockball)

Diameter: 500 miles
Mass: 0.0 Earth Masses
Surface Gravity: 0.039 G
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.15
Orbital Period: .008 standard years
Rotation Period: 0.79 standard days
Day Length: .79 standard days Axial Tilt: 49 degrees Average Surface Temperature: 266.481 K

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Orbit 4

Sigma Draconis IV (World Type: Small Gas Giant)

Diameter: 77,000 miles

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Orbit 5


Sigma Draconis V (World Type: Icy Rockball)

Diameter: 1,800 miles
Mass: 0.007 Earth Masses
Surface Gravity: 0.131 G
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.08
Orbital Period: 18.442 standard years
Rotation Period: 0.708 standard days
Day Length: .708 standard days Axial Tilt: 15 degrees Average Surface Temperature: 95.134 K

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