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Delta Pavonis
Sigma Draconis
L 347-14

In 2295 the National Geographic Society announced its purchase of a Hamid class survey vessel. To finance this vessel, the Society turned to its strength over the years, survey and cartography. This new vessel was to ply to stars of human space and provide much needed maps of stellar systems. The funds generated by this massive data collection would serve to pay for the new vessel bring the society firmly into the 24th century. After the vessel was retrofit and renamed the Alexandria, the National Geographic Society revealed its plan to dispatch the vessel to conduct the most intensive survey and mapping expedition ever planned.

The mission called for the surveying and mapping of all accessible stellar systems along the Chinese arm. In 2298, the Alexandria deployed to the Delta Pavonis system and conducted a quick 2 week survey of the system. The next step was to move on to the Sigma Draconis system and conduct an 8 week survey of the system. The success of the National Geographic Society rested in the hands of Alexandria's crew.
By May of 2298, the first data was available from this survey and the Alexandria prepared to move onto its next target.

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