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Operation BackDoor
If You Go...
Debt Collectors
Dance of The Quark

First off, I wish to remind everyone that these articles are here due to the generous nature of their authors.   

It is these very same authors who own the copyrights to these articles and any abuse of these materials will result in them being removed from this sight.

So enjoy, and remember that if there are any complaints, email me, since I did the html for the articles, not the authors.

  • Operation BackDoor

  The original Challenge Articles by Charles Gannon. A must read for all referees of 2300 AD. Contains valuable information about Brown Dwarfs and the "Back Door" into Kafer Space. 

  • If you go into the woods today, you had better not  go alone.

A Challenge article orginally written for Twilight 2000.  Just how sneaky are Kafers?  Wait till they have been dead for awhile before your players truely find out how devious the bugs are.

  • Debt Collectors

A short adventure for a group of characters who need cash and don't mind a little vengeance. 

  • Dance of the Quarks

A series of adventures which will expose even more of the secrets of the Ebers

I  would like to take this space to extend a very special  "Thank you" to Charles E Gannon.

He has allowed me to host his articles and he has provided the uncut versions of these articles.  So, for once they see the light of day without the unkind cuts of an editor's knife.

Thomas Vickers

July 29, 1998

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