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Debt Collectors

While stopping over on Gateway Station the group is approached by a representative of an international banking concern with a job that is 'on the edge of legality'. 

Martin de Cos   was a high flying entrepreneur worth billions of Livres...or so it seemed.  With the recent alien invasion of Aurore and the subsequent destruction of the French and Ukrainian colonies, Cos’ fortune has evaporated, leaving behind a huge debt and a number of very shady looking business deals.  While the Ukrainian and French governments were  still investigating the collapse of the Cos Investment group, Cos himself quietly skipped the planet.   His new residence is located in the Manchurian colony of Kwantung and the colonial government refuses to comply with the extradition requests of  France or the Ukraine, so the governments’ plans to press charges against Cos have come to naught. 

The Alvarez-Kelly  Banking Corporation has other ideas.  Although resigned to getting little of it's money back, it's somewhat vindictive board are itching to see the wily Cos 'pay'.  The bank will pay the PC's Lv50,000 plus a reasonable amount of costs, to deliver Cos  to the nearest French or Ukrainian authorities.  All they have to do is snatch him from his guarded compound, smuggle him aboard their ship and present him to government authorities.  Alvarez-Kelly will provide the group with information pertaining to Cos’ location. At present, he has taken refuge on his estate which is located in the Manchurian Colony on Tau Ceti.  The group will have to book passage from Earth to Tau Ceti, which Alvarez-Kelly will reimburse them for.

Tau Ceti

Once in the Tau Ceti system, the players will disembark from their transportation at La Salle Station.  This orbital complex is maintained by the Mega-Corp AusCo and is a separate entity from the two colonies on the planet below.  Players should quickly discover that any attempts to violate the local laws and then flee to La Salle station will lead to the quick and harsh return of the criminals to the colonial officials of Kwantung.   Passage from La Salle Station to the colony of Kwantung can be arranged via several interface services.  The Colony of Kwantung operates the Colonial Interface Service, which services both colonies.  There is also Intercraft Ltd, a private firm which also provides service to the surface. Either one will acceptable, but players may realize that travel on the Manchurian operated service could lead to unwanted surveillance.

The city of Chanpei boast one of the best down ports in all of human space.   Numerous hotels and other services are all located within the complex or within walking distance.  Prices can be rather steep, but the level of service at these hotels in comparable to the best that Earth has to offer.  Personal weapons are prohibited in the colony. Of course there is a black market that may be able to locate what the players want, for an extremely high price.  The punishment for possession of weapons are harsh and usually quick. Several years at hard labor is the most common sentence for such violations of colonial law.

Travel in the city is accomplished by taxi, public buses, or by bicycle.  Most importantly, the group has to cope with the 35 hour days of Kwantung.  The prolonged periods of daylight can cause many problems, but the most noticeable will be the midday Siesta.  During this four hour period, no business will be conducted and finding a taxi or other public transportation is difficult.


Locating Cos

The group has been informed by Alvarez-Kelly that Cos’ estate is somewhere near the out skirts of Chanpei. Further inquiries by the company did not discover the exact location of the estate, so this will be the first task facing the group.  Simply asking around will lead to the local police having a polite discussion with the group and requesting that it leave the colony within 24 hours.   Failure to leave will result in arrest and further trouble for the group.  Other methods must be tried. 

Cos' Estate

Located in a upscale area on the out skirts of Chanpei, Cos' estate covers several acres.  Most of this area is heavily landscaped with imported Earth foliage. The house itself is a large home sitting near the center of the acreage.  This is one small break for the party.  Any noise generated by the capture of Cos will not attract the attention on t he neighbors, they are too far away to hear. 

Located in the house with Cos will be his personal valet, a maid, a cook, 4 body guards and Cos' current mistress.  The Body guards are all armed with automatic pistols of  varying types and will attempt to get Cos to his personal aircraft to escape any abduction attempt.  Cos' personal aircraft is an 8 seat tilt-rotor aircraft that is kept  on the helipad behind the house.



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