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Something I found annoying when I actually had a chance to GM2300 AD   (or any other rpg for that matter) was flipping back & forth through adventure books looking for NPC information. How much easier things would be if I had an index card for each named NPC, and index cards with generic NPCs (i.e. a squad of guards) on them, and if each card had everything I needed to know about the NPC, or a whole group of NPCs. So Dave Golden  created them--and I have done a conversion for 2300 AD. They're in Word 7.0 (I think), and were created using the "Square 721 Cn" font from Bitstream. If you don't have that one, you either need a condensed font of your own, or check the Software page of Dave's sight.

These examples for the time being are for TNE. As soon as I get some done for 2300 AD, I will show them instead.

Named NPCs

First there's a card for a named, or important, NPC. It's got the important (relevant) assets on it, his combat statistics AND a damage chart, and lists what weapons he's got. On the back is a picture I can flash at the players, and the background information I need to play him. All I need to do is add the card(s) for his/her weapons and I'm ready to go!


Generic NPCs

Then, of course, there's the generic NPC, often encountered in groups (enemy squad, customs team, bureaucrats, etc.). For simplicity, they're all assumed to have the same important assets, except the leader who may be more experienced. Hence, the asset listing has two numbers -- one for the leader, and one his subordinates use. The card also lists combat abilities, weapons and major equipment, and has boxes to check off damage again. On the back goes whatever additional information I may need. Once again, all I need to add is the card(s) for weapons, and I'm set.

Major NPCs

Finally, I've also got a card designed for a major NPC, i.e. one important enough to be fully generated using the player character sequence. Basically, it's an entire character sheet on a single index card.



These are posted here for PERSONAL, non-commercial use only, and are not intended to be a challenge to any  copyright. The blank form is copyright 1995-1998 by Dave Golden. You are hereby granted permission to make unlimited copies or modifications for your own use, subject to the restriction that any distributed copies (of the blanks as is, or customised for specific NPCs) bear my copyright and no fee is charged.

One added note, which is my thanks to Dave Golden for all his hard work which allowed me to get these converted to 2300 AD.  He has done a lot of work for Traveller and made this page possible.  I have even used his words to a large extent. He makes more sense than I do :)  Please Visit  Daves Traveller Site. Its the least we can do since he has given me permission to host these and for you to use them.




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