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Just wanted to add that the full fledged Fuzion: 2300 AD is  done.

As soon as I get my files from work, you will be able to download Version 1.0 of Fuzion   2300 AD in Word format,  Version 1.1 in PDF, and Version 1.0 of the Equipment Guide in Word Format.  Hopefully Version 1.1 of the Equipment Guide will be out soon.

The following pages will be used to display my 2300 Fuzion conversion that I am currently working on.  At this point I have developed the skill list which I will post here for the curious to critique.  It is a Microsoft Word Document, so if you can't use it, email me and I will send a text file version. 

Character Creation for Fuzion:2300 Word Document v1.0 Character Creation for Fuzion:2300  PDF v1.0 Equipment Guide for Fuzion:2300 Word Document v1.0 Equipment Guide for Fuzion:2300 PDF v1.0


Download Download Download

Now for the vehicles.  I am hoping that the cp/op cost is close and I am still having trouble with tanks and turrents.


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