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Chinese Arm
Settlement list.xls


This is a zip file of Dan's star system charts. They are all in MS Word format.


Here is Dan's list of settlements in spreadsheet form. You need MS Excel or an Excel viewer to enjoy this file.

Dan's Colony maps are on the way. I am getting them converted, then uploaded as quickly as I can.

Agave Adlerhorst Austin's World Aurore
Bank's Island Beta Canum Blizard Botany Bay
Brilliant Chengdu Crater D'artagnon
Daikoku Davout Devilbis DM +17 2611
Doris Dukou Ellis Farmersville
Gard Goyas Haifeng Han-Shan
Hebei Heidelsheimat Hestia Hochbaden
Horizon Inferno Joi Kie-Yuma
Kimanjano King Kingsland Kormoran
Kwangtung Leto Minos Montana
Nefele New Territory Ngoring Hu Niebelungen
Parana Paulo Red Cliff Sans Souci
Schonenwelt Syuhlahm Tirane Tirane A
Tirane B Tirane C Windborne Yuanchian

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