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AusCo is the proud producer and designer of many innovative Starships and Aircraft. Please look contact us about any designs that are of interest to your corporation or nation.

Stephen F. Austin Class Colony Ship

Need to get a lot of people or cargo somewhere? This is the ship for you. AusCo Freight services handles three of these ships for your moving needs.

Generic Hull Design #1

This hull design covers two ship classes at this time.  The Cabeza de Vaca class survey and exploration vessels and the Liberty Class Cargo ship.  Floor plans and full statistics should be posted soon.

Generic Hull Design #2

The newest edition starship from AusCo Aerospace.  The GHD-2 covers two starship classes now.  The AusCo Condor Passenger Vessel and the AusCo Albatross Cargo Vessel.   Floorplans and Statistics for both.

Javelina Class Fighter

An advanced planet or space based fighter.  Originally designed to be a missile armed fighter, AusCo has begun production of a beam armed and submunition armed version for the German Government.

Raven Class Space Plane

AusCo Aerospace's most modern interface craft.  Several models are available, but the passenger version is show cased here.

La Salle Station

A brand new Orbital Complex in the Tau Ceti system.  Based on our experience with designing orbital incarceration facilities, La Salle Station was built to become the gateway to the Latin Finger of known space.

Orbital Incarceration Facilities

The Bastrop Orbital facility is located in the Alpha Centauri system.  Home to criminals of many nations, it is a state of the art incarceration facility. 




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